Track Timing Equipment Training
April 16th 5:30PM

We’re looking for folks who are serious about helping with track timing
equipment at Alpenrose. It’s critical that we have a pool of active folks
trained on this equipment to ensure that we can cover our events. (Tuesday
Nights, Fast Twitch Fridays, AVC, State Championships, and more). The
timing equipment is used for Pursuits, Kilo/500, and the flying 200 (sprint
tournament seeding), flying lap (an alternative sometimes used for sprint
tourny seeding), the Team Sprint, and the 10 mile.

It’s important to point out that this is NOT track officials training. It
is timing equipment training only.

The training will cover the specific setup for the above mentioned events,
as well as the FinishLynx camera, clocks, speakers, amplifier, tape
switches, and timing control box. We will also cover the use of the
interfacing of the finish camera for better 200m precision.

The training is planned for April 16th at 5:30PM (that’s Easter Sunday).

Tom – we’ll want to make sure people understand what this is / is not. i.e.
it is not a track officials’ training. (although I certainly wouldn’t have
a problem with somebody setting up such a training adjacent to this one).
We will be focusing on how to use the equipment for timed events –
excluding the FinishLynx camera. (clocks, speakers, amplifier, tape
switches, timing box)

Questions, please contact:

Tom Orth

Brian List